Andie Biggs Andie Biggs

Singularities project

Single exposures.

I’ll send you one printed shot from the latest roll of film I’ve developed. I’ll pick the shot that I think fits you best and will include a matching message or story or poem or something.

The goal is to put the amount of exposure you want the photo to have in your hands. You’ll be the first person to see it (apart from me and the person who developed it at the photo lab). You can keep it to yourself, use it as decor for your room, show your friends, post it online, whatever as long as you credit me.

I get really stressed out about posting my photos online sometimes and haven’t been shooting as much because of that. Also, I’ve always taken photos for other people, and want to somehow incorporate more intimacy in my work.

I’m not sure. I’m aiming for once every two weeks, since I’m also doing this to encourage myself to take more photos. This might get expensive though.

Let me know, type your mailing address in the message box below:

Thanks so much and hope you’re interested in participating!

With love,